Xiaomi Iron Ring Pro HD

BDT 2,100.0   BDT 1,950.0



In order to truly achieve high, medium and low tri-band balance, mil iron bracelet Pro joined the double "moving coil" unit, the big dynamic in the low-frequency, small dynamic is responsible for high-frequency.

  1. Double moving coil + moving iron, three units sound, hear more details.
  2. Tri-band more balanced, more natural sound.
  3. Graphene diaphragm, so that more dynamic double strength.
  4. The new design of mobile iron unit, high-frequency analysis is good, the details are not distorted.
  5. A variety of scientific tuning, so that the sound more fresh, warmer.
  6. 45 ° bevel ear, comfortable to wear.
  7. Full Metal wire good feel in touch fingertips.
  8. The new stretch matte lines nice to be more long-term companionship.
  9. Delicate and gentle, CNC diamond cutting process.
  10. CD pattern precision engraving, so that the metal is more shine.

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Md Zahin Hossain Brinto - 01:26AM 26 Nov, 2018


The best budget earbuds I've tried.
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Manufacturer Xiaomi
Model In-Ear Headphones
Dimensions 107×57 mm
Weight 17 g
Material Metal
Cable length 1.25 m
Frequency Range 20-40,000Hz
Plug type 3.5mm
Headset sensitivity 98dB
Speaker impedance 32Ω
Rated power 5mW
Сontrol function Wired control microphone
Color Silver
Package Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro x1, Manual